The brief
Make it easier for victims of domestic violence to get help

The situation 
The abuser in a violent relationships often is controlling, witch makes it is hard to get help.
They often monitors their victims phones, movements and plans, and with more violence
if they try to escape. In addition to this, it’s not possible to call someone while under attack.

Gold - Student Innovative, Clio Awards 2015

Gold - Student, Gullblyanten 2016
Silver - Nordic Student Award, Gulltaggen 2016
Finalist - Student Mobile & Tablet, Young Guns 2016




Spread the word
SafeSound is something we don’t want the abusers to know about. To create awareness around SafeSound,
Apple needs to communicate in places where we know that we can find more victims than abusers.
85% of victims of domestic violence are women.
Therefore, Apple will place ads in women's toilets and locker rooms,
and folded inside tampon boxes and sanitary pad packages. The ads will provide information about how to use Safesound.